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The Milan derby is the most famous duel in Italy. Struggle carrying out "Inter" and "Milan". Games teams are a expected event for local championship fans. Confrontation observed and in the rest of the world. On these meetings you can make betting at a bookmaker.

Fan Fight

Milan oriented on assistance of the workers. Composition main factor development seen remote corners of Milan.

“Internazionale” social status fans became different. Emphasis was on representatives of the petty bourgeoisie. Different and origin. "Red-blacks" zealously was supported by natives of other Italian cities. mainly local residents were rooting for "Snakes". Outcome became regular. Normal opposition teams from the same city transformed into a irreconcilable fight.

Current situation

Now past drama is gone. Social stratification of fans of each team leveled up. But past premises remain. As a result real level of struggle has not changed. Because of this matches gather such interest.

At the dawn of the rivalry

Football club Milan was founded by English. At the base "red and black" stood Herbert Killin and Alfred Edwards. It happened in the late 19th century. At first club developed along two directions. To the final list entered: • football; • cricket. From inception composition started win prestigious titles countries. However situation changed by politics. In 1908, the local football federation did not allow foreign to play in national championships. Result became split teams. Game at that time in Italy large-scale love of the public did not received. Formation of clubs was done by foreigners. "Red-Blacks" divided into several factions. Approximately half of football players formed Inter. After 12 months the Italian football federation refused to this decision. But unification of clubs did not happen. So started the history of confrontation of great compositions our years.

In constant struggle

Kick-off match took place in Alps. The Teams met on the stadium in 1908. The Red and Blacks had a certain advantage over the opponent. According to the results in the early stages of existence in the confrontation had an advantage in victories namely they. States of Things began to change in the 1930s. "Inter" managed to form a great squad. The club were the best football players of countries. This provoked strengthening positions. Increased reliability game. Winning began appearing with a fair amount of frequency. In the past after that, the "black-and-blue" actually equalized game in a derby.

Leader change

Since the middle of the last century "red-black" surrendered positions. “Inter” thug opponent in competitions different levels. Confrontation spread to the supranational tournaments. As a result games of these clubs became treasure of the entire football world. In 1980, the "devils" started breaking away. Reason was changes in leadership. Club bought by Silvio Berlusconi. Businessman started investing in sports. Play for the "black and red" became profitable. In a short time leading football players appeared in the team. As a result significantly increased quality of performance. In recent years game levelled. But clubs continue are leaders of local and international football.

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